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The Willow House will be a faith-based therapeutic residential home for at-risk girls who have been victims of abusive circumstances. Our goal is to empower these vulnerable girls to gain understanding that they are worthy in the eyes of our Creator. Our focus is healing the girls from the inside out. Restorative counseling is essential to start the healing process that will ultimately break the chains of dysfunction, understand the root cause of their behavior, and empower them with the skill set and abilities to move forward in a positive manner.

The Willow House will offer the following: Trauma Informed Care and Restorative Counseling; An Education; Spiritual Restoration; Life Skills and if appropriate, Family Re-unification.


Nicole King

Each of us possesses unique gifts and talents as well as hurts and hang-ups. Often our most profound lessons come from the hurts and hang-ups experienced along our life’s path. From these we choose. We choose to grow or we choose to be the victim. When hurts and hang-ups are a result of childhood circumstances outside the control of youth, the effects can be devastating.

Children that have been exposed to volatile home environments start life with a crumbling foundation. The fact of the matter is life is hard and just because a woman decides to bring a child into the world, doesn’t mean she is equipped to be a strong role model that possesses the tools necessary to raise a healthy child. Brokenness begets brokenness, it’s a cycle but it doesn’t have to be so.

The stories of redemption and healing are vast. The Willow House’s very own Board of Directors have story after story of how they themselves or someone close to them triumphed over adverse odds. From broken homes to broken parents to toxic choices, they all share one commonality: acceptance, redemption and healing. For them, it’s on going, growth always is a progression, a choice to always be learning, growing, and changing.

The vision behind The Willow House was a personal one for the Executive Director, Nicole King. Nicole came from a supposedly well-adjusted home from the eyes of the world. Her father, a physician and her mother, at the time, a ‘stay-at-home’ mom. When Nicole was twelve, her world turned upside down. Her parents divorced and her life changed drastically. As Daddy’s little girl, Nicole felt as though her identity had been ripped from her in an instant. The remaining adolescent years were tumultuous and reckless. Nicole had identified ways to fill her ‘heart shaped box’ within her soul with drugs, sex and a co-dependency that knew no boundaries, at least until she found the Lord at the age of twenty-six.

Nicole was in her second year of Graduate School when God’s grip reached her and forever changed her heart. Accepting God’s unconditional love after years of longing for it from the broken relationship of her parents resulted in a transformation that can’t be fully explained in words. So her actions shall speak for her. God has filled her heart with a desire to establishing The Willow House, A Safe Place for Girls.

Nicole King comes to The Willow House with a Master’s in Family and Child Sciences from FL State University. She has been in the health and human services field for over 20 years. She has currently been operation a local non-profit for the last 10 years.

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The Willow House will be a faith-based, specialized and therapeutic residential home for young at-risk girls who have been victims of abusive circumstances. Our emphasis will be to build their self-esteem and lead them to believe and truly understand that they are worthy in the eyes of their Creator.

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